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TransParenting® is a program developed by Families First, Inc. Georgia’s largest non-profit family service agency, focusing solely on strengthening and empowering families through significant advocacy, education and intervention services and programs. To learn more please visit Families First website at

Designed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, TransParenting® was initially piloted in 1988 under the name Children Cope with Divorce (CCWD). Immediately successful, the program was featured on news shows including: 20/20; The Today Show; CNN; ABC; and, CBS News. In addition, the story was printed in, The New York Times; Parade magazine and many other national and local media. The program was able to significantly reduce litigation and help reduce parental conflict; lessening the negative effects on children. The impact of classes led other court systems across the country to request classes be made available in their communities. Therefore, it became replicated on a national level. In 1999, Families First devoted significant resources to update and expand the program. Extensive focus groups of judges, parents, and licensed clinical social workers helped create the program now called TransParenting®. This program has now served over one and a half million parents across 40 states.

“If couples can keep kids out of the marital war zone then after a period of painful adjustment, children can recover their sense of family and themselves.”

                            --Cranberry Wars, Washington Post, 11/24/92

 “Thanks so much!  Too bad this wasn’t a requirement when my parents divorced.  I know I would have had a much much happier childhood.” 

                                    --Parent (TransParenting class July 2009)

  • Over 1.5 million parents have successfully completed the program
  • TransParenting® is a National Program currently operating in 35 states and over 200 jurisdictions
  • The National Council on Juvenile and Family Court Judges awarded the originating program the “Unique and Innovative Projects Award.
  • 96% of family court judges surveyed state that the program “serves to lessen the negative effects of divorce on children.
  • 85-95% of all participants in exit surveys rated the program “very helpful in learning to work with their co-parent through the divorce process and minimize the negative influence of parental separation on their children.

TransParenting® has undergone previous research to validate the efficacy of its content. These studies were completed in the late 1990s under the program’s original name, Children Cope with Divorce. Click HERE to download a Research Summary.

Most providers find it helpful to maintain satisfaction ratings of parents attending their TransParenting® classes. Court systems greatly benefit from viewing summaries of participant satisfaction ratings of these mandated seminars. TransParenting® Providers are encouraged to provide Exit Survey Summaries to judges and court administrators in their jurisdiction.