Research & Statistics


ONLINE WORK is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


Research & Statistics

Research indicates the effects of divorce or separation on children can be negative and potentially long-term. Children must master an additional set of tasks, as well as those posed by normal childhood development. The TransParenting® seminar educates adults about ways in which they can help their children adjust and continue developing. Parents are given an opportunity to shift their attention from the personal aspects of divorce and separation to the needs of their children.

  • Over 1.5 million parents have successfully completed the program
  • TransParenting® is a National Program currently operating in 35 states and over 200 jurisdictions
  • The National Council on Juvenile and Family Court Judges awarded the originating program the “Unique and Innovative Projects Award.
  • 96% of family court judges surveyed state that the program “serves to lessen the negative effects of divorce on children.
  • 85-95% of all participants in exit surveys rated the program “very helpful in learning to work with their co-parent through the divorce process and minimize the negative influence of parental separation on their children.

TransParenting® has undergone previous research to validate the efficacy of its content. These studies were completed in the late 1990s under the program’s original name, Children Cope with Divorce. Click HERE to download a Research Summary.

Most providers find it helpful to maintain satisfaction ratings of parents attending their TransParenting® classes. Court systems greatly benefit from viewing summaries of participant satisfaction ratings of these mandated seminars. TransParenting® Providers are encouraged to provide Exit Survey Summaries to judges and court administrators in their jurisdiction.