ONLINE WORK is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


Network News

TransParenting® will be using this space to offer a Network Newsletter with ideas of how to improve services to families, upcoming conferences, articles of interest and other online resources for parent educators. Please check back periodically to see what has been added!

Welcome New TransParenting® Providers…

The following agencies have joined the TransParenting® Network in 2013:

TM Consulting
Little Rock, AR
May 2013

Elaine Charles
September 2013

Without Walls Counseling
Birmingham, AL
September 2013
*Classes starting in May 2014

Ivy's Hope
Lebannon, TN
September 2013
*Classes start May 2014

Fort Myer
Arlington, VA
November 2013

Parents & Children in Divorce
New Mexico (Santa Fe County & Otero County)
November 2013

NEW Resources for TransParenting® Classes…

Listen2Kids is a video in which children get a chance to talk about their reactions to divorce. It is a well made piece that can be a great add-in to any divorce education program. Learn more about this resource at

New Family Structures or “Re-Combined Families” are what we term families with biological and step or half parents. A common part of our social landscape, these families face unique challenges and are typically most successful when the adults are open the idea of learning to do things differently. Staying in touch with supportive people and resources outside the family can dramatically help adults navigate this new territory. is a website for parents and professionals helping families. Take a look at their Educational Resources, FAQ’s and Research. is a website put together by a biological mother and step mother working together in these new roles to coordinate parenting for the benefit of the children of this re-combined family

TransParenting® Presenter’s Guide Updates

  • The TransParenting® Presenter’s Guide was revised/updated in 2009.
  • Changes to the content were made in response to new trends in family courts and the valuable feedback of individuals working in the TransParenting Provider Network.
  • The use of as a precursor to attending class has been added to the curriculum. With a small amount of support from your referral sources, this is an easy addition to the education experience and offers an invaluable opportunity to reinforce the message, “If parents are in conflict, their kids are in danger.”
  • A Power Point CD now comes with every copy of the Presenter’s Guide. Hard copies of slides are still available in the back of each Guide for those needing to create overhead transparencies.

AFCC Conference: May 28 – May 31, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario CANADA

The Association of Family & Conciliation Courts ( is the premiere organization bringing together parent educators, judges, attorneys, custody evaluators, mediators, court administrators, Parent Coordinators and others involved in helping families navigate through the legal system during divorce or separation.

Visit their website ( to learn about resources and learn how to register for one of their upcoming conferences.  This is an excellent opportunity to network with others focused on helping families move successfully through change.