ONLINE WORK is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


Our Solutions

Our Solutions


TransParenting® is a four-hour, interactive experience that focuses on how effective parenting during this time of transition can lessen the negative impact of divorce and parental separation on children. While focusing on a Co-Parenting approach, trained masters-level instructors use a multi-media format that teaches parents how to best lead their changing families to a successful and positive outcome.

The ending of an intimate partnership is an emotional experience. We believe the information parents need is often difficult to hear because it is so strongly connected to personal experiences and feelings. Using this information to make changes in behavior can be quite challenging. Therefore, we recommend a unique TWO-TIER system of divorce education to reinforce messages and increase integration of new ideas:

Step 1: Parents complete the work on the free and interactive website: and print out the Committments Chosen and Answers to Exercises.

Step 2: Parents attend a TransParenting live classroom experience; bringing the website printouts for reference and discussion.

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In 1995, Families First created Rollercoasters®, the companion program for children. It is currently considered a premier curriculum for children of divorce.  Designed with the assistance of school counselors and social workers, this program actively engages children in the essential process of healing.

Rollercoasters® has been reviewed, piloted and endorsed by professionals whose careers are devoted to working with children of family changes. After years of successful implementation and numerous reviews, Rollercoasters® is now available in two formats: an 8-Week Structured Therapy Program and a 4-Hour Education Program. Each of these formats is available for two different age groups: 5-8 year olds (Primary Version) and 9-12 year olds (Intermediate Version)