ONLINE WORK is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


Parent’s Corner

This site offers an interactive education tool for parents which is extremely helpful prior to attending a TransParenting® seminar. In fact, some courts require completion of this website work before coming to a parenting class.

Completing the work at allows adults the chance to visit the task of parenting from a new perspective and develop a vital focus on the parent/child relationship. It serves as a wonderful reminder that when a marriage or intimate partnership ends, we have choices as to how we are going to move through these difficult transitions. The outcome for our children and our families lay in the hands of adults…it is truly “Up To Parents.”

Many parents report a reduction of conflict and a renewed ability to focus on the needs of their children. Our TransParenting® instructors ask parents to bring completed website work into the classroom for discussion.  This repetition serves to reinforce the information and increases our ability to make positive/lasting changes in our relationships as Co-Parents.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Enter the website as a First Time Visitor
  • Set-Up a  UserName and Password to allow easy access to your work
  • Complete the Commitments and Exercises at your pace
  • Print out the Certificate of Completion – Keep for your records
  • Print out the Commitments you Chose AND the Answers to Exercises A-D
  • Take printouts to your TransParenting® Education Class
  • Return to the UpToParents FREE website as often as you would like (no monthly fee or time limit restricting your access to these valuable resources). 
  • Go to Parent’s Corner of UpToParents website for amazing resources and ideas about how to help your children, heal your own pains and develop a peaceful future.