Find a TransParenting Class


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Find a TransParenting Class

Click HERE to see a list of agencies offering the TransParenting® education seminar

Please Note: The agencies listed here are licensed to provide the TransParenting® Program. Please contact the agency directly to determine class schedules, locations and cost of attending a class.

Many court systems have approved the TransParenting® seminar. If TransParenting® is not available in your immediate area; you may want to ask the court if you can take TransParenting® at another location. Alternatively, you can ask the court if there is a different class in your area that would fulfill the requirements of your court order.  Please contact our office (404-853-2864) for assistance finding a class outside the TransParenting® Network which might fulfill the requirements of your court order.

Can’t find a class?

Attending a class in person is the best option. However, we do offer a Self Learning System for individuals who are absolutely unable to attend a class due to service in the military, incarceration or living with significant disabilities.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee the Self-Learning System will be endorsed in your jurisdiction. Individuals must contact their local courts to determine if our Self-Learning System would be an acceptable alternative. You, your representative, or court personal can contact us 404-853-2864 for more information.