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Success Stories

Read below an email from a parent to the facilitator of a class in Northern Indiana. It’s amazing how quickly some parents find the strength to make difficult changes for the benefit of their children.

“I wanted to send you a note to say thank you. Not just from me but from my little girls too. As a child of a very hateful and hurtful divorce, most of the information in your class I already knew from experience. Even though I'm grown with a family of my own, my parents still can't be in the same room with one another. It's sad, really, because I find myself compromising just to see them both for the holidays and birthdays.

The main reason I want to thank you is for my ex. When we separated, he turned all of our friends against me, outcasted me, and even tried to get my family to turn their backs on me. I knew he did this out of anger. He blamed me for our failed marriage and felt as though he needed to get revenge. I knew this from the get go and tried to let it roll down my back, despite the pain I was feeling. After a year and a half, we had a court date set to finalize everything. My ex decided that he was going to contest everything at the last minute and we had to cancel the court appearance to go before a mediator. And then I got a phone call I will never forget.

Three days ago, my ex called me and asked if I wanted to combine Christmas morning with his. He said he'd come to my place with the kids (he has them for Christmas Eve) and all of the presents and we could open them together. At first I wondered his motive. Everything else he's done that is considered "nice" by his standards had something waiting in the wings. He told me to think about it and let him know. I talked about it with a loved one and last night I called him back. The first thing I did was ask him why. I told him that up until now he's been nothing but hurtful to me, why is he being nice now? He said he knows and most of it was out of anger. He told me all the things that I already knew about his previous behavior. I asked him what changed and he said it was your parenting class. He said that initially, he didn't think he needed to go. He's also a child of divorce and he didn't think you would tell him anything he didn't already know. He waited until the last possible second and went to the class thinking it was going to be a waste of time. He told me that he never thought he could be so wrong. The class completely changed his thinking. He realized what really mattered and saw that he had used the girls to hurt me. He loved the class and said that he's going to change how he parents with me. He wants to help me out when I need it and sees how much I've helped him when he needed it. I never thought that we would ever have a conversation like this. The amount of pain he put me through in the last year and a half is still scarred on my heart but I can feel it healing. So much stress has been melted away that I feel like a new person again. And it was all because of your class. Thank you so so much. This was the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.

If you need to use this letter in your class or want to use it as a testimonial, please do so. I want others to realize what my ex realized in your class.”

-Michelle (Indiana)