Frequently Asked Questions


ONLINE WORK is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible is the Rollercoasters® 8-Week Therapeutic Format?

The nature of children’s ability to absorb and utilize information, their attention span and their need to open up in a trusting environment requires that we provide a multi-session format. We recommend eight sessions to cover each theme separately and thoroughly. Of course, many agencies have modified this to slightly expand or reduce the number of sessions.

What are the benefits to Rollercoasters® 4-Hour Education Format?

The 4-hour format is easily offered in conjunction with the TransParenting® Parent education program. It provides an opportunity for children to hear some important reparative messages in the midst of significant change. The decision to separate or divorce is made by adults.  Normalizing the process of change and offering hope for healing brings relief to children who are naturally experiencing elevated levels of stress.

Does Rollercoasters® really work?

In 1997 Families First conducted a study of the 8-Week format involving over 50 children in7 groups and 3 cities. The results from this study suggest that parents report tangible benefits from their child’s participation in the program. Nearly two-thirds of the parents believe their child’s self-esteem is higher and their willingness to express their feelings is better after the program. This study also shows that according to parents, children who do not express their emotions, who exhibit more acting-out behavior, or who have lower self-esteem before the program benefit most from the curriculum.

How do I get started?

All you need are the program materials and a small group of children to get started. The Leader’s Guide contains general information about conducting groups for children, as well as detailed theme-by-theme instructions. Counselors that work with children find the program very easy to use. To generate community interest, consider collaborating with area schools, churches or youth organizations in providing the service. Also be certain to spread the word throughout your own organization to directors, clinicians and others working with families.