History & Unique Features



UpToParents.org is a free and interactive website that helps divorcing and divorced parents to reduce conflict and focus on the true needs of their children. It has gained International acclaim as the most comprehensive and unique websites available for parents facing the challenges of divorce or separation


History & Unique Features

An Innovative Approach

Rollercoasters® was one of the first programs developed with the focus on helping children adjust to significant family change. The unique collection of hands-on experiences actively engages children in the process of healing. It speaks directly to children facing challenges associated with divorce and separation. Varied activities lend themselves to facilitator creativity, allowing for adaptation in various settings and time frames.

Cost Effective

Rollercoasters® is structured to generate a stream of revenue to offset internal costs when models are followed. In addition, a unique partnership structure allows authorized agencies the opportunity to act as a distributor of Rollercoasters® to school, church, corporate and youth groups in their areas.

A Brief History

Rollercoasters® was designed as a companion program to TransParenting® (formerly Children Cope With divorce), a four hour educational program for divorcing parents. Families First developed TransParenting® at the request of a local court in 1988; since that time, it has grown to a national program which has reached well over a million parents nationwide. Its goal is to assist parents in meeting the needs of children during periods of family transition.

Rollercoasters® is our effort to expand the preventative impact of TransParenting® by directly working with the children in families experiencing disruption. Experts dealing with families of divorce concur that we can maximize the positive impact on families by reaching children as well as parents during critical points in the family’s adjustment to change.


  • FLEXIBLE – a curriculum which allows for flexibility in structure, providing facilitators the opportunity to customize activities, site and duration to accommodate logistic constraints and to meet individual group needs.
  • COMPREHENSIVE – a focus on the developmentally critical, core issues for children in a changing family environment.
  • INTERACTIVE – Innovative and engaging activities keep the interest level of children high and encourage active participation to gain the support possible.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – Curriculum development has involved the input of professional focus groups, consultation from national leaders in the field of children in transition and comprehensive evaluation from diverse pilot sites.
  • COMPANION MATERIALS – Professionally illustrated Activity Pages provide each child with his or her own private keepsake from the program, which includes additional activities and a game they may play on their own time.
  • DEVELOPMENTALLY DESIGNED – Age appropriate activities for children ages 5-8 (Primary Level) and ages 9-12 (Intermediate Level) help children learn new ways to cope.