Rollercoasters Themes


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Rollercoasters Themes

These original 8 Themes are covered in the 8-Week Structured Group Therapy format of Rollercoasters®. While many of these ideas are also presented in the 4-Hour Education Format, the content is not at a therapeutic level due to the much shorter timeframe available to work with kids.

Theme 1 – A Rollercoaster of Change
Changes if family, like all changes, impact our world of thoughts, feelings and behavior. Children select from a myriad of possible changes their family has undergone and discuss ways to adjust to their new life.

Theme 2 – Why Change Happens
Parents divorce for many reasons which are not a child’s responsibility. Children pay a game to help dispel typical myths and beliefs regarding family separation.

Theme 3 – Change Means Loss
The process of grieving helps us move on, making room for new experiences and growth. This session includes story telling and the loss box activity.

Theme 4 – A Rollercoaster of Feelings
Sadness, confusion, relief, fear, powerlessness, guilt … managing feelings improve
self-esteem. Children enjoy an activity which helps them organize their feelings around the events they have experienced.

Theme 5 – Anger Management
In this favorite session where hands-on activities are utilized, the children receive an arsenal of ways to cope with their anger.

Theme 6 – Coping Strategies to Handle Turbulence
Problem solving skills: How to get out of the middle, avoid choosing sides; two houses/two lives, role play, coping strategies and much more.

Theme 7 – More Change Will Come
Variations of the family can provide new and rich experiences. A poignant activity helps children prepare for new changes.

Theme 8 – What I’ve Learned Through Change
Getting unstuck, hope for the future. A group activity helps synthesize what has been learned. Optional presentation to parents.