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STEP 1: Court System Support and Involvement. Unfortunately, the majority of parents will not voluntarily attend an educational class when facing divorce or separation. Given the increase in emotional and financial issues as well as greater time constraints, it is not a reasonable expectation. While some parents may request to attend a seminar on their own accord, the most successful programs operate with the support of local judges and either a county or state mandate.
For ideas about establishing and maintaining a relationship with your local court, please contact TransParenting® National Manager, Ann Schelle, MS, LPC at 404-853-2861 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

STEP 2: The License. A License Agreement with a one-time fee of $350 is required to allow individuals or organizations rights to replicate and market the copyrighted TransParenting® Program. Certain restrictions apply to securing a license. You will be asked to identify the county or parish where you will provide the TransParenting® classes (not the county or parish where your office is located) when inquiring about the purchase of a License Agreement.

STEP 3: The Training. It is requested each seminar be led by two Masters-level presenters (preferably one male and one female) who have attended a One-Day Presenter Training provided by Families First. Click HERE to download our current Training Registration Form. Having two presenters helps maintain quality throughout the program while having both a male and female perspective represented increases audience reach.